About Us

Rana Pharmed Pars is a company Located in Tehran, the capital of Iran. High educated and experienced staffs in Rana Pharmed are working together to respond growing demands of people in Iran to medical and food products.

Our activities in Iran are in these fields:

  • Food supplements
  • Food products
  • Herbal Tea
  • Herbal Tonic
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical and laboratory equipment
  • Cosmetics

We aimed to improve the way that medicines and food products are used within Iranian society. For this reason all of our products used for public health improvements for all ages within the society, carry international health license and have the approval of the Iranian health ministry. All previous users of our products have testified the high quality of our products and all of our products are being used by an ever increasing number of the society. Rana Pharmed managements wishes health and prosperity throughout the society and are confident in their continued efforts for a better health for all. We are proud of being your solution provider partner.